Uses- Board Pouch

The Board Pouch

Copyrights for all pouch and cover designs belong to Kerry Woodworking 2009 – 2019.

Board Pouch
You can easily haul 8′ boards, 2″ x 4″s or what have you safely and securely in the board pouch, tied in with a couple of bungee cords.

If you need some 2″ x 4″s, pine boards, or some door casing parts and it’s raining, how will you get them home? The carpenter is waiting for you to get back from the building supply store to finish that spare room. No big deal if you can leave those boards to dry overnight, but that’s not usually the case.

How about one of our Kerry-All board pouches? They’re 3 feet wide and 9 feet long and will hold about 24 studs or the equivalent in boards. The “belt-loop” style tabs let you secure the pouch in your 1/4 ton or 1/2 ton truck with rope or bungee cords. Works great in a slippery plastic bed liner, even on a sunny day.

The woven polyethylene is made from partially-recycled plastic (good for the environment) and is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor for long life outside, not like those blue and orange tarps that disintegrate after about a year.

When the Velcro pouch end is closed and sealed, the contents are in a waterproof container.