Uses- Pallet Pouch (NO Flap)

Pallet Pouch

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Do you haul bags of fertilizer, seed, livestock feed? Anything in bags on a pallet can be covered by one of these pouches.

And the opening rear flap will let you unload a few bags in inclement weather while keeping the rest of your load dry.

This style pouch is also available without the opening rear panel, in case you always unload the whole pallet at once.

Sure, you can use shrink wrap to cover the bags, but it’s not that watertight. The rain can seep in between layers and ruin those paper bags of expensive corn seed, horse feed, or powdered limestone.

The Kerry-All Pallet Pouch will take that worry away.

The Pallet Pouch, like all Kerry-All Pouches, has tie-down loops to secure it to the pallet itself and the truck bed for added security in stormy weather.

They go on quickly keep your valuable cargo dry. The solid color also tends to keep prying eyes away as well.

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Pallet Pouch