NEW- Processing Plant Covers

All New!!! Processing Plant Covers

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Processing Plant Covers

Kerry-All Pouch now is offering custom covers for protecting valuable equipment in processing plants.

Do you use stationary metal detectors in your processing line? Laser sorting equipment? Control modules for flash freezers?

Processing Plant Covers

All of these control panels/boxes/modules have tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in very sensitive electronic and computer equipment inside. All processing plants must wash down the whole plant regularly, often daily. Throwing a loose piece of thin plastic over a control panel worth half a million dollars just isn’t good enough. You need one of my custom fit covers, made especially for that one piece of equipment.

The heavy vinyl I make these covers with is sewn together with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) thread which is impervious to harsh cleansers and other chemicals. These covers are made to last.

Please contact me at the link below and we can discuss your needs. I can visit your plant to talk with you, show you sample covers and get enough information to work up a price quote. If you’re a long way from eastern Canada (my location) we can still make it work. With your photos and measurements, I can produce working drawings and give you a competitive quote. Speaking of competitive, I’m not sure there is even anyone else out there offering this service.

Telephone. : 1-877-566-1335

Processing Plant Covers