Why do you need a Kerry-All Pouch?

The Kerry-All Pouch

Does it rain or snow where you live? Can you afford to pick up or deliver building materials only when the sun shines?

Building supply dealers- how many rolls of single-use plastic do you use in a year? How much labor is spent wrapping those piles of baseboard trim, drywall and other products you have to deliver, rain or shine, to your customers?

You can load a Kerry-All Pouch in minutes. One worker holds the end of the pouch open, the other worker slides it in. In only a couple of minutes you’ve saved time and money. The Kerry-All Pouch is strong and durable, they will last for years.

And just as important- all those rolls of single-use plastic end up in the landfill… the Kerry-All Pouch is much more environmentally friendly.

Many building supply companies are portraying themselves as “green”, here’s a great way to help that image!

What are the pouches made of?

The Kerry-All Pouch

Kerry-All Pouches are made from woven polyethylene, 10 x 8 weave, with a thickness of 11 mil. They are silver on the outside and black on the inside, with a Velcro opening that is easily opened and closed. The silver outside is treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent premature aging in sunlight.

Presently we have the following sizes available:

  • Plywood pouch (4′ x 8′)
  • Trim pouch (3′ x 17′)
  • Drywall cover (for 34-sheet lifts of 8′ sheets)
  • Drywall cover (for 34-sheet lifts of 12′ sheets)
  • Mattress covers (all sizes)
  • Small pouches for real estate signs
  • Power tool covers
  • We can make any custom size you need.

Another advantage to the pouches are the tie-down tabs. Even on a sunny day, the pouch is the ideal way to secure that sheet of plywood in the back of your pickup truck, especially if it has one of those slippery plastic bed liners! Hooking a couple of bungee cords from the tabs to the loops in the bed is a lot simpler than trying to tie bare sheets to the bed!