Testimonials & Reviews

From ToolSnob.com:

“Our first thought after seeing the Kerry Bag was, “A bag for plywood? Ha-ha, boy that’s dumb. You’ve got to be joking!” Then, about three hours later, we were at the lumber yard, loading up a few sheets of 1/2″ CDX in the pouring rain, having second thoughts about the matter and wondering exactly who the dumb one was. Using ratchet straps to hold down a tarp is only going to get you so far…

So maybe there’s something to it, and maybe not just for truck owners. The durable bags might also be useful for general shop storage as well.

..The plywood pouch costs about $60, which sounds like a lot, but it’s less than the cost of two “ruined-by-rain” sheets of 3/4″ birch ply.”

Another Satisfied Customer:

“I own a sign shop and was looking for something to transport the newly made signs to customers. Now don’t get me wrong- my signs are out in all weather but my customers enjoy the “big reveal” as I open what’s covering the signs. I was very interested in the Kerry-All Pouch.

I contacted Lloyd to see if he could make me a Kerry-All Pouch that’s a little larger than those advertised. He did, so My 5ft x 10ft pouch was on its way to me. The speed that it was made and the swiftness of the shipping had me impressed. So much that I ordered another 2!

One was 4×8 the other 4×4; the twist is I wanted them with not only the one velcro opening at one short end end but I wanted one long side also have the velcro opening. After confirming exactly what I wanted, the Kerry-All Pouches were manufactured and shipped directly to me from PEI and they speedily arrived – they were perfect.

In-fact, they worked so well I asked Lloyd if he was able to convert my 5×10 Kerry-All Pouch to work the same way. He courteously agreed. So now I have 3 pouches that fit my requirements perfectly.

Would I recommend the Kerry-All Pouch? Yes I would recommend them. But more than that, I would recommend any dealings with Lloyd. He is certainly a guy that stands by his products. He goes over and above to ensure you have the product you want.”
-Ian (Nova Scotia)

…And More Satisfied Customers:

“…already using the trim pouch to pick up staircase rails…real nice.”
-Denis B. (New Brunswick)

“The pouches are great, I used them right away…”
-Don R. (PEI)

“Cargo liner arrived today and is a perfect fit. Packaging, brochure, receipt and pen are all nice too. You have a good, professional operation going. Thank you. A happy customer.
Tom (San Diego, California)”