Uses- Grain Drill Pouch

The Grain Drill Pouch

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Grain Drill Pouch

Seed and fertilizer costs are climbing every day. The last thing a farmer needs is to have moisture get into grain drill tubes and plugging. You end up with empty rows in the field and fertilizer backing up and spilling all over the ground, away from the seed row where it does the most good.

Kerry-All Grain Pouches are inexpensive and custom-made for any drill.

The one shown is on a Great Plains 1300 end wheel drill (see below), but we can make one for any size planter/drill.

Planting cereal grains and grasses has become easier thanks to forward thinking farm machinery companies.

But farmers still need innovative thinking to stay ahead of Mother Nature.

The Kerry-All Grain Drill Pouch helps the farmer keep rain out of the grain drill seed and fertilizer tubes.

With our pouch, you don’t have to haul the drill back to the machine shed when the weather closes in on you. Just pull the pouch out of the truck and over the drill. In seconds you can rest assured your drill (and seed and fertilizer) will stay dry.

Grain Drill PouchGrain Drill Pouch
Grain Drill Pouch