Uses- Wheelchair Covers

Wheelchair Covers

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Wheelchair Covers
The Kerry-All wheelchair cover is meant to be outdoors. It’s not made with that flimsy black plastic so many bargain brand covers are made of. Our cover is made with heavy woven polyethylene treated with an ultraviolet inhibitor for long life in the sun (or rain).

The model shown is for a wheelchair that is carried on a trailer hitch mounted cargo carrier. Most of the other covers are open in the bottom, so carrying the chair on the back of your car, van or pickup truck will allow dirt, road salt, rain, and slush to fly up under the grill of the carrier and all over the wheelchair.

The Kerry-All chair cover is a fully-enclosed cover with a full three-sided Velcro closure to keep wind and rain out. The cover is easy to install on the cover, wither before you put the chair in the carrier, or after.

Custom sizes are available, just contact us for details and a price estimate.