Pics and Videos

Pics & Videos

Ralph Bagnall of reviewed a plywood pouch and created this video.

The above video shows you how easy it is to load or unload the plywood pouch.

EastLink Magazine presents the Kerry-All Pouch- a unique product for protecting expensive building supplies during transit in an open truck. Great for building supply dealers, contractors, anyone who hauls anything in a pickup truck, flatbed truck, etc.

Pouch Styles

Pouch StylesAbove is a trim pouch with the trim shown partially inserted. The pouch is 17′ long and is shown in a pickup truck for demonstration purposes only.

Pouch StylesAbove is the new style plywood pouch opening. The two Velcro ends are not opposite each other and will not grab if the pouch closes as you load it.

After sliding the sheet(s) in, simply fold the bottom lip over the top edge to seal the Velcro.

Makes for much easier one person loading!

Pouch Styles Also available is the deluxe plywood pouch. This has two adjacent opening sides. Enables heavier sheets such as drywall to be loaded. (See photo above.) Pouch StylesAbove is a drywall cover on a 34-sheet lift – 8′ . It is sitting on another lift for photo purposes only. The cover completely protects the full lift.

Pouch StylesAll Kerry-All Pouches have tie-down tabs (similar to belt loops on a pair of pants!) to enable users to tie the load to the flatbed truck, pickup box, roof rack on a car or truck.